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Trip to USA

Markus Larson
Trip to USA

While i was on a trip in US one of my friends took us to his cabin. It was amazing. I can't describe how much i enjoyed it there.

We were there for a few days and we partied, drinking and smoking for few days. There was a lot of food as we made bbq all the time. When i think about how much meat i ate in those few days it makes me a bit sick. But who cares? It was great

He has a big cabin that was made by his grandfather long ago. So his dad, and now him, are making that place like a paradise and they try to spend there as much time as they can. His father is retired now so he is there most of the time. It is amazing. They have power too. There are no power lines there but they have big propane tank so they use propane generators. I am a bit scared of that, to be honest, but they are used to it. They use propane for everything. They even say that it is cheaper. I don't know anything about that, so i can't say anything.

I got back yesterday and i will be back to my job in two days. I would really like to have some type of cabin also, but that is a bit expensive here. I was also reading propane generator reviews and i can only say that they are not that expensive or big so i think i could maybe get some small one for camping. That would be nice, but that is only an idea for now, so we will see in the future.....

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